Thursday, September 27, 2018

Earn Account Credit $$ @VuduFans! #MoviesOnUs Promotion

Vudu (streaming and download service) is promoting its "Movies on Us" category which offers select content for free viewing with ad breaks.

For the next several days, if you watch a free with ads movie (one per day for credit) you can earn a $1 account credit. The account credits can then be used towards rental or purchase (but not disc conversion).

Promotion expires 30-Sep-2018. The maximum credit amount is $5.00 (as there are 4 days left, you can earn up to $4, unless you already started). Reward Code (account credit) will be sent on or around 01-Oct-2018. Get on it!
  • Watch a "Movies On Us" Offer [^web or app]


Castle Modern said...

Just received the email with my $5.00 promo code. Must be redeemed by 30-Oct. Good for 30 days post redemption.

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